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Introduction to Projects

What is a Project?

Projects are the name for the scientific experiments to be created or recreated from existing historic experiments. StudyCrafter does not limit the number of projects that the user can create.

The average file size for a project is between 10-50Kb, so there is no concern about the size of the projects filling the computer’s hard drive.

Creating a new project

When opening StudyCrafter, the user is first prompted to select either an existing project or to Create a New Project. To start a new project, single click on Create a New Project.

Once a new project has been created, it is placed at the beginning of the project list. To edit the project, click on the new project and the project dashboard opens.

From the project dashboard screen, the user can change the name of the project, add a project description, and also delete the project. The more details provided, the clearer the project will be for other users.

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