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Version Log

You can use the latest online tools here: StudyCrafter Online.

You can grab the latest version of the Windows/Mac authoring tools in the StudyCrafter Repository. Learn about transferring your saves between versions here.

Version 2.3.6 standalone (mac/pc downloads only)


Changes: all of 2.3.6 for web, plus

  • Fixed standalone-specific bugs
  • Added image translator, since the image names have been changed
  • New speech bubbles

Version 2.3.6 web (online tools only)



  • Incorporated image database
  • Some optimization of the tools
  • Allows 5 choices now per node
  • Hooks in place to allow url-linking to particular projects
  • Allow specialized POST calls to get parsed as json and saved into variables
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.5



  • Fixed bug with choices

Version 2.3.4



  • Fixed bug of non-responsive events
  • Fixed bug with prompts in choices

Version 2.3.3



  • Fixed project naming bug
  • Added analytics system
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes

Note: if you have a project from Version 2.3.2 that no longer works, it may be because of the project naming bug. There's an easy fix: go into the project's folder and make sure there's only one json file with a “00_” prefix. Delete any such files whose name doesn't match the folder name exactly.

Version 2.3.2



  • UI Improvements
  • Control+G to find *more* text in Script tool
  • File naming bugs fixed
  • Switching tools optimized
  • Layout inlay added to Scriptor
  • Scene name changing bugs fixed
  • Text alignment issue fixed
  • Screen scaling improved
  • Right click on objects in Layout

Version 2.3.1



  • UI Improvements
  • Latest music and sound effects from Isaac
  • Control+F to find text in Script tool

Version 2.3.0



  • New 'StudyCrafter' Name!
  • Scene thumbnails are actual images now
  • Custom open response
  • Drag furniture onto scene in layout tool
  • Changed how objects are resized in layout tool
  • Make text fields more easily editable in layout tool
  • Various API additions in scriptor
  • New images added for Drug Shortage project
  • Fixed bugs with the save system
  • Added a bug reporter
  • Various UI improvements

Version 2.2.5



  • Backgrounds are now moveable objects in scene
  • Copy / paste between scenes
  • Copy / paste works in Layout
  • Select multiple objects in Layout
  • Fixed some parenting bugs

Version 2.2.4



  • Personal image folders working
  • Scene transcripts working for RePresent team

Version 2.2.3



  • Design changes to Authoring Tool UI
  • New sound and music!
  • Added new images for represent team and drug shortage team
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.2.2



  • Design changes to Authoring Tool UI
  • Drag and drop ordering in the layers menu (and easy parenting as well)
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.2.1



  • Transcripts of scenes now written in debug log
  • New Function Calls (Write to HTML Text Box, Open URL, API call)
  • Single line Input Fields now allowed
  • Background music and sounds loops are now added into the sound sticker
  • New art assets for Omid and Eduardo
  • UI style improvements
  • Fixed json location for local analytics collection
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.2.0



  • New Event System - which can detect when players click objects, press keys on the keyboard, or a certain amount of time passes, and then jumps to this node immediately. Uses the new 'Event' sticker.
  • New Function System - instead of rewriting certain tasks repeatedly with stickers, just write it once by making a 'Custom Function' and then use the 'Call Function' sticker to call it at any point.
  • If you set 'take focus' to false on these new stickers, the events/functions will be run parallel to the main branch. If 'take focus' is true, the event or function will take place, and at the end will return to wherever you were previously in the script.
  • New Parent System - you can set objects to be children of each other in the Layout tool (by clicking 'var' and typing in a parent name for the object). If a parent is invisible, the children will be as well - and if a parent moves or rotates, the children will, too.
  • If/Else If/Else - You can now add more lines to the if sticker.
  • Random Branching - the if sticker now allows you to set the outcome to be random, to any number of output nodes.
  • Tool settings persist across scenes (such as if a panel is open/closed, or where you're zoomed into the scriptor)

Version 2.1.3



  • Fixed bug in dragging Layout
  • Minor bug and UI fixes

Version 2.1.2



  • Select and move multiple stickers
  • Copy and paste stickers
  • Seated characters (as requested by Omid)
  • Fixed bug with the variables loading

Version 2.1.1



  • Added in new variables panel
  • Variables can now be dragged into place
  • Fixed an issue with the scene starting before the curtain was pulled away
  • Can now add bold and italic text using <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i>
  • New actions, including MoveBy, RotateBy, and ScaleBy
  • A whole bunch of small fixes

Version 2.1.0



  • Big Changes, a major update!
  • Action stickers have been overhauled
  • Sound sticker has been added
  • Object variables are now functional
  • Interface items present
  • Easier-to-use layout tools
  • Objects now have names you can change
  • Can control the trigger for how actions advance
  • The choice sticker allows clicking on objects
  • The choice sticker allows conditionals

This is a whole bunch, so to read even more about these changes, and more, in detail, head here Full 2.1.0 version notes

Version 2.0.11



  1. Added search bar back into Layout
  2. Minor bug fixes

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