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In this page you will find tutorials to help you understand how to use the StudyCrafter Authoring Tools to create your own experiments. **Course 01: [[course01|Creating a Simple Experiment]]** This tutorial has the intention of giving a very basic grasp of the tools by creating a really small experiment, touching ground on each one of the tools. Ideal for first time travelers. **This course includes:** Lesson 3: [[c01l3|Using the Scriptor to create interactions]]\\ Lesson 4: [[c01l4|Playing the scenario]] ---- **Course 02: [[decoy1|Recreating the Decoy Effect Experiment]]** This tutorial is a step-by-step on how to recreate the Decoy Effect Experiment using StudyCrafter. **This course includes:** Lesson 1: [[c02l1|Creating a new project and setting it up]]\\ Lesson 2: [[c02l2|Creating a new scene]]\\ Lesson 3: [[c02l3|Adding user interaction]]\\ Lesson 4: [[c02l4|Playing the scenario]]

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