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 If you want to know how the game works with the server - where the art assets are - etc, here's a [[ServerStructure|rough little primer]]. If you want to know how the game works with the server - where the art assets are - etc, here's a [[ServerStructure|rough little primer]].
 +==== Migrating your projects between different versions of StudyCrafter ====
 +(This is only for the offline versions of StudyCrafter,​ not the online version)
 +Each time you download a version of StudyCrafter tools, you'll need to load your projects into it manually. ​ Your project scripts are stored in a folder that you can access - and requires a simple copy (from the old version) and paste (into the new version).
 +**On PC**: StudyCrafter_Data > StreamingAssets > NewProjectSystem
 +**On Mac**: Right click the,​ and select "show package contents"​ > Contents > Resources > Data > StreamingAssets > NewProjectSystem
 +You can either copy the whole NewProjectSystem folder, or individual projects within it.  Paste them into the new tools (while the tools aren't running). ​ Then, when you load the tools up, your project(s) will be right there for you!
 +==== Dealing with missing images in old projects ====
 +Between standalone versions 2.3.5 and 2.3.6, the image filenames were all changed, so that old projects won't work if migrated as listed above.
 +For any project that is from a 2.3.5 or lower version, and being placed in a newer version of the tools, place the project into StreamingAssets > ImageTranslator -- instead of placing it into NewProjectSystem. ​ Any projects in the ImageTranslator folder will get converted upon launching the editor - and will get automatically moved into the NewProjectSystem folder after the conversion... at which point all the image names will be changed to the correct, new names.
 ==== Analytics ==== ==== Analytics ====
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