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-===== Welcome to StudyCrafter'​s ​Wiki! =====+===== Welcome to the StudyCrafter Wiki! =====
-Some helpful info:+Welcome to the StudyCrafter wiki! Here you will find all the information you need to get started with StudyCrafter,​ and eventually become a StudyCrafter expert. Follow the links below to reach particular pages, or use the search box in the top right corner to find what you need.
-==== Authoring Tools ==== +==== Download StudyCrafter ​====
-  * Online tools: [[https://​​create/​|Version 2.3.6 (July 26, 2018)]] +
-  * Standalone tool for mac/pc: [[http://​​ShareBox/​|Version 2.3.7 (November 6, 2018)]] +
-  * [[VersionLog|Version Log]]   +
-  * [[http://​​ShareBox/​Archive/​| Archived Tools]] ​  +
-  * [[https://​​madscience/​ShareBox/​Archive/​| Versions 2.1 and earlier]]+
 +You can access the online version of StudyCrafter here: 
 +  * [[https://​​create/​|StudyCrafter Online]].
-==== Updating ​the Tools ====+You can download ​the most recent offline versions of StudyCrafter here: 
 +  * [[http://​​ShareBox/​Archive/​|StudyCrafter for Windows]]. 
 +  * [[http://​​ShareBox/​Archive/​|StudyCrafter for Mac]]. ​
-  * [[ProjectMigration|Loading an existing project into a new version of the authoring tools]]+A repository of earlier offline StudyCrafter builds can be found on the [[Repository|StudyCrafter download page]].
-==== Play Experiments Online ​====+==== Tutorials ​====
-  * [[http://​​experimentlist_2.html|Links ​to Play Current Projects]] +New to StudyCrafter? ​[[Tutorials|Our StudyCrafter tutorials]] will teach you how to create simple StudyCrafter projects in no time.
-  * [[PublishingProjects|Publishing your Projects Online]]+
-==== Analytics ​====+==== User Guide ====
-  * For version 2.3.3 and later, the analytics are sorted into folders on the server based on the author'​s name and the project name.  (In the current authoring tools, since you aren't logged in, the author name is always '​default'​.) ​ You can find the filetree ​[[http://​​analytics/​users/​|here]] +[[User_guide|The StudyCrafter user guide]] describes all StudyCrafter tabs and their functionalitiesIf you're looking for a particular explanationor if you want to know how to create a certain effect or take a certain measurement,​ check here!
-  * The analytics are sent and updated at end of each scene (when an end node is hit)When using the authoring tools, you can collect data if the checkbox at the top of the screen '​collect data' is checked. +
-  * Analytics are Posted [[http://​​analytics/​analytics/​json/​|here]]  for version 2.3.2 and earlier+
-==== Understanding the Event System ​====+==== Glossary ​====
-  * For an example of how Event nodes work, take a look at this project where you can move your character around and shoot a target: ​[[http://​​ShareBox/​|Shootorial]]+[[Glossary|The StudyCrafter glossary]] describes all jargon terms used throughout the wiki.
-----+==== Version Log ====
 +The [[versionlog|Version Log]] contains an overview of version changes for previous versions of StudyCrafter.
-===== Troubleshooting & Help ===== 
-==== Mac Problems ==== 
-If the tools are freezing on Mac, or you're having problems in that vein, TRY THIS!  There'​s a security issue on OSX, where if you download the authoring tools from online, and they'​re still in your download folder, they won't work.  You simply need to move the .app file somewhere else (to your desktop, say), and then this problem will be fixed. 
-==== Accessing the Log ==== 
-One way to help track down bugs in the platform is by accessing (and sharing) the log.  If you're using the standalone authoring tools on Windows, you can find the log here: "​StudyCrafter_Data\output_log.txt"​. ​ If you're on Mac, you can find it here: "​~/​Library/​Logs/​Unity/​Player.log"​. ​ For more information on accessing the player logs, [[https://​​Manual/​LogFiles.html|click here]]. 
-Aside from helping with Debugging, the output log also contains some useful information,​ like written out transcripts of the scenes (which are written into the log file when you play each scene). 
-==== AutoSave ==== 
-Currently, the authoring tools save your changes whenever you switch between different tools (layout, script editor, player, menu pages). 
-==== Project Structure Overview ==== 
-If you want to know how the game works with the server - where the art assets are - etc, here's a [[ServerStructure|rough little primer]]. 
-==== Demos ==== 
-[[CasperClass2017|Projects from students in Casper'​s class 2017]]. 
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